About Us

Chainfir Capital, founded in 2018, is a blockchain-focused venture capital institution.

Backed by our profound industrial knowledge, powerful industrial resources, and professional investment team,

we mainly prioritize the investments in DeFi, NFT, Polkadot, and other blockchain sectors,

committed to a better blockchain ecology together with more high-quality projects.

Our Strength

  • Profound knowledge

    Based on the underlying technology, news and application scenarios of blockchain, we are able to grasp cutting-edge industry information and examine the investment trends in the blockchain space.

  • Powerful resources

    We possess a full range of blockchain industry resources, including media, exchanges, projects, communities, talents, funds, to provide high-quality value-added services for entrepreneurial teams.

  • Profuse experience

    Thanks to years of industry research and investment experience, we've evaluated 200+ projects and invested in a slew of premium projects with considerable returns.

  • Professional team

    A talented investment team consisting of 30+ seasoned professionals strictly control the overall situation from project research and judgment, investment, risk control, and post-investment management.

Team Members

Liu Dong

Member of Investment Committee

Serving as the innovation officer of Accenture Greater China with 11 invention patents and a Ph.D. in Cartography from Peking University.

Jeff Pan

Member of Investment Committee

Executive director and investment partner of SoftBank China Venture Capital with an MBA degree from the University of Western Ontario.

Tillmann Meyer


Founder and CTO of Metaverse game company UA Fabrica. Social media enabled games for Adidas.

Kael Han

Senior Analyst

MSc in Accounting and Management from the University of Southampton. Expertise in investment analysis.

Eloy Zhan

Post-Investment Senior Manager

MSc in Finance from Montpellier Business School. Passionate about risk management and investing business.

Jialing He


MSc in Financial Management from Boston University. Focused on the analysis and judgment of projects in primary market.

Chris Jin


Skilled at evaluating investment information and predicting market trends with a focus on crypto investments.

Alex Huang


Master of Finance and Investment from Leeds University in England. Years of working experience in the finance industry. Excellent capability of financial-related investment analysis.

Brian Tian

Investment Director

Multiple years of experience in the blockchain field. Known as a sophisticated investor, Brian has successfully invested in dozens of outstanding blockchain entrepreneurial projects including Splinterlands, Casper and Nodle.

Handi Yu

Investment Manager

MSc in Business Information Management from University College London. Experienced with investments in the field of finance.

Sherry Li

Investment Manager

MBA from Point Loma Nazarene University in the US. Possess comprehensive financial knowledge and could effectively evaluate projects.

Kun Xu

Investment Manager

Financial engineering from Cornell University in the US. Could analyze projects sensitively and communicate effectively with the project team.

Alex Ni

Investment Assistant

Master of Applied Finance from Adelaide University in Australia. Excellent organizational capabilities. Responsible for project-related business development.

Jason Cao

Post-Investment Manager

MSc in Financial Management from FOM University in Germany. Skilled in transaction data analysis and market trend forecasting.

Claire Zhao

Post-Investment Manager

Master of Banking and Finance from Monash University in Australia. Worked for China Construction Bank. Skilled in business analysis and management.

Caroline Cheng

General Manager of External Relations 

MSc in Financial Management from Durham University. Responsible for exploring, establishing, and maintaining relationships.

Rejio Xu

Researcher of Chainfir Labs

MSc in Financial Management from Grenoble Ecole de Management. Responsible for conducting investment-related research.

Jackie Sun

Researcher of Chainfir Labs

Master of Public Finance from Fudan University. CFA chart holder. Rich practical investment experience with good theoretical guidance. Responsible for conducting investment-related researches.

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