Chainfir Capital Announces Investment in Casper

Published:Aug 17, 2021


We are pleased to announce our investment in Casper in May 2021, which is the first live proof-of-stake blockchain built off the Casper CBC specification.


Chainfir Capital focuses on investments in the blockchain space, aiming to accelerate the vigorous growth of more blockchain start-ups. Casper is oriented to developers and users around the globe and designed to create a more open and transparent network, which has a very broad market prospect in bringing blockchain technology to the ground.


About Casper



Casper is an enterprise-focused layer-1 proof-of-stake blockchain protocol aiming to solve the issues of scalability, security, and decentralization that have plagued other smart contract blockchains such as Ethereum. Compared to other projects, Casper has the following significant advantages:


● Cutting-edge technology

Casper itself is benchmarked against Ethereum 3.0, which is upheld by the Highway Protocol Consensus developed from the PoS Consensus, making its network finality and flexibility significantly higher than other public chains. At present, Ethereum 2.0 adopts the PoW+PoS hybrid consensus mechanism, which is expected to be fully implemented in 2023. However, Casper is the first to launch a CBC version of Casper that is seen as a rival to Ethereum 3.0. From this point of view, Casper's concept and technology have a head start on the development.


● Elite team

The team, created by the original Ethereum developers, brings together people with diverse backgrounds who have rich experience in large platform construction. At the same time, the team members are all from the industry's leading companies. Its CEO also has deep attainments in computer technology and blockchain investment.


● High security

Casper relies on provable mathematical security rather than probabilistic security, thanks in large part to the advanced research of Dr. Daniel Kane and Dr. Andreas Fackler. The Byzantine Fault Tolerance can deal with the more common types of attacks in the blockchain field, such as cartel formation attacks, remote attacks, Equivocations, double-spending attacks, and Sybil attacks.


● Developer-friendly language

Casper supports the most popular programming languages such as Rust and Assembly Script as contract languages, lowers the developer threshold, provides developers with a quick start experience, attracts more technical developers to join the Casper ecosystem, and shortens the time for infrastructure construction.


● High financing

A total investment of more than 40 million US dollars has been raised after 3 rounds of financing. The project received a lot of attention and discussion. The previous public offering on Coinlist ended up increasing the total amount by 6% due to the popularity of the project. At the same time, the personal investment limit was reduced to embrace more investors in the public offering.




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