Chainfir Capital Announces Investment in Roxe's A Funding Round

Published:Aug 24, 2021


We are excited to announce that we have completed Roxe's A round investment.


It is reported that the well-known institutions jointly participating in this round of investment range from Chainup Capital, Bitrise Capital, Consensus Lab, Chain Capital, Efund, K24 Ventures, N7labs, Timestars Capital, OPC, PAUVEY Capital, AKG Ventures, Oscar Capital, 7 O'Clock Capital, etc. Its accumulated financing has exceeded one million U.S. dollars.


Roxe, based on blockchain technology, has distinct advantages in payment security, timeliness, and price. Before this investment, Chainfir Capital has conducted a detailed background investigation and professional analysis of the project. We eminently recognize Roxe's vision "To build a brand-new, next-generation global payment network that makes money smarter". 


We firmly believe that the Roxe global payment network will benefit more people, its nodes will spread all over the world, thus building a huge blockchain global payment system. At present, Roxe has reached cooperation with over 20 institutions including Fairexpay, ECS Fin, Onchain Custodian, N2Xpress, BuyUcoin, Aberdeen Capital Group, Rana Express, and IPAY, and launched Blockchain Cross-Border Remittances in India, Brazil, and other places.


About Roxe



Roxe, a next-generation global payment network, is designed to save financial institutions significant time and costs by using blockchain technology to provide fast, inexpensive, and highly reliable clearing and cross-border settlement of payments and remittances.


Roxe is headquartered in New York, USA. Its founder and CEO Haohan has extensive experience in the field of Internet and payment applications, and he has built a core team composed of senior executives and compliance experts from top technology and financial institutions such as SWIFT, Ripple, DTCC, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, FINRA, Deloitte and more.


What Sets Roxe Apart?


With the acceleration of globalization, the world is witnessing more frequent cross-border flows of monetary funds than ever before. Consumers and institutions have put forward higher requirements for the value transfer of traditional assets and digital assets such as encrypted currencies.


Needless to say, the future of financial Services is decentralized finance. Roxe conforms to this trend and is creating a faster, faster, and more reliable global payment network, leading the payment industry's shift from the traditional account model to a new digital asset model. As an innovator on the track of the global payment network, Roxe has the following featured advantages.



● Low costs

Roxe does not charge upfront fees and offers among the lowest costs in the industry. Roxe facilitates the best route with the lowest foreign exchange rate, which can save up to 50% compared with that of traditional cross-border payments, which can truly solve the pain points of traditional cross-border remittances such as low efficiency and high cost;


● Higher speed

Roxe built on the permitted blockchain has a faster throughput. It can process up to 2800 transactions per second on average, skipping the cumbersome intermediaries in the traditional financial industry. It does not need to operate various complex cross-border payment systems, nor does it need to trade directly with any cryptocurrency, realizing multi-asset cross-chain, cross-network, cross-country, efficient and instant transfer;


● Seamlessly compatibility with financial systems

Roxe network, with its cross-chain technology, can tokenize assets such as legal currencies in other traditional financial systems or blockchains in real-time, making it possible for traditional financial institutions to enjoy the speed and cost advantages brought by blockchain technology, free from trading directly with any cryptocurrency;


● Low risk of foreign exchange rate loss

Roxe leverages a relatively stable public exchange rate in the international market instead of binding any single currency for mainstream currency transactions. By creating a Roxe Record that anchors the actual legal currency in the bank, it protects users from the risk of foreign exchange loss;


● KYC/AML compliance

Roxe is built on the Roxe Chain, a hybrid chain specially built for payment, and can provide highly customized KYC/AML compliance solutions, which turns out to be more flexible than other public chain projects;


● Better security and transparency

Utilizing a decentralized automated market maker (AMM) protocol RPP, Roxe Chain is accessible to all data, pricing and the identities of the counterparty are completely transparent. On Roxe, transactions and liquidity are more decentralized, providing users with better security and better transaction prices.




Data from Roxe Payment Network Whitepaper


Roxe Payment Network is a global payment network based on blockchain technology. It provides banks, central banks, payment companies, remittance providers, and consumers with optimal peer-to-peer payment routes, which can realize real-time, low-cost, cross-region, cross-currency, cross-system payment. In addition to this, Roxe is also equipped with a complete infrastructure and a rich ecosystem from the consensus layer, the liquidity layer, the network layer to the application layer, and developed three major products, encompassing Roxe Pay, Roxe Commerce, and Roxe Light Settlement Network (RISN).




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