Chainfir Capital Announces Investment in AnRKey X

Published:Sep 09, 2021


Our goal with Battle Wave 2323 is to create Continual games and NFT drops based not only on game economic derived base values, but also based on story arcs utilizing the main characters in our AnRKey X games universe to create episodic content in the form of interactive games that we will continually release, creates ongoing renewing interest in our brand, with new stories and NFTs released frequently and new games coming out each quarter.

— — AnRKey X CEO, J.D. Salbego



Back in 2020, the blockchain industry has ushered in an explosive growth of DeFi. NFT, games and encryption art are currently some of the most promising application scenarios in the industry. Against the backdrop of a continuing global epidemic, the best practice to maintain interaction with people turns out to be virtualization. Games and earning APY rewards may be one of the best experiences.


AnRKey X, integrating DeFi+games+NFT, provides players with more gaming experience, and players can also earn high APY on gDEX, which is very competitive compared to traditional gaming platforms. Chainfir Capital has completed its investment in AnRKey X in May 2021, holding that the revolutionary game platform AnRkey X is launched at the right time, and will certainly perform well in the field of encrypted games.



What on Earth is AnRKey X™?


Founded by J.D. Salbego, a veteran investor in the blockchain industry, AnRKey X is a "play to earn" DeFi NFT gaming company that makes it easy for billions of gamers around the world to monetize their game, participate in ownership, and earn real money. The core of AnRKey X is the disruptive gDEX Protocol (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange), which merges the worlds of DeFi, eSports, and Web 3.0 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) into a brand new industry called m$ports (money sports), all powered by the native Ethereum-based $ANRX Arcade Coin.


Battle Wave 2323™



As the very first DeFi gaming dapp released by AnRKey X, Battle Wave 2323 is an interactive e-sports liquidity mining game based on virtual teams, providing players with a unique way to gain exposure to decentralized finance. Since its launch, more than 15,000 users have registered and received praise from a plethora of players.


Developed on Unity, it encourages each user to stake the particular LP token pair, join one of the 9 virtual liquidity pools, and compete with each other in the liquidity mining process by purchasing, staking, and playing with APY boosted NFTs. The winning team is whoever has the highest aggregate APY distribution of the native Ethereum-based token, ANRX. Even though the winning team is rewarded with more unique NFTs, all players are going to be getting returns on their staked tokens. Everyone’s a winner, in other words.


What are the highlights of AnRKey X?


 High playability

AnRKey X gamifies farming products and provides liquidity mining of multiple LP tokens. Its threshold is much lower than that of some NFT+ liquidity mining products. A cool, top player style U is also developed in a bid to attract more potential players.


 Professional team

The AnRKey X team consists of more than 20 developers and designers in the field of DeFi, blockchain, and crypto technology, most of whom come from large companies such as Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Sega, Konami, Morgan Stanley, Mercedes-Benz, Netflix, Amazon, etc.


 Abundant funds

According to public information, AnRKey X has completed private and public offerings of US$1.39 million and US$30 million respectively. Needless to say, it is able to provide strong financial support in terms of game products development, service provision, security maintenance, and more.


 Strong marketing ability

Taking a glance at AnRKey X's official website, products, and activities in communities, and media, we can capture an active marketing team endeavoring to promote its popularity and attention. In a mere few months, AnRKey X has won some significant partners, including Certik, Polkadot DeFi Gaming platform Exceedme, Staking platform Ferrum Network and DigiCol (NFTs).




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