Chainfir Capital Announces Investment in Algodex

Published:Jan 18, 2022


We are delighted to announce our investment partnership with Algodex, Algorand decentralized exchange.


As the native DEX of the Algorand ecosystem, Algodex currently faces less competition compared with other counterparts built on different public chains.


Chainfir Capital believes that with the accelerated development of the Algorand ecosystem, thanks to the financial support of the Algorand Foundation, the future development prospects of Algodex will be promising and sustainable. We are willing to help Algodex provide a fully decentralized exchange for the Algorand ecosystem.


What is Algodex?



Founded by Alexander Trefonas, Algodex is a highly decentralized exchange with the order book completely on the Algorand blockchain itself.


With Algodex’s order book model, a first for the Algorand ecosystem, users can now trade their assets via smart contract limit orders which allow for specific prices to be set.




1. Multi-language support

The exchange plans on supporting all major languages (24 languages as of the press time), and will facilitate trading globally on its platform.


2. Safe funds

The users' funds, including open orders, are held in external wallets and escrow accounts owned by the users. The exchange operators do not possess technical access to any users' funds, which gives users security and confidence in their transactions.


3. Market and limit orders available

Algodex uses limit orders to conduct its trades and has 4-8 second trading times and full decentralization. Algodex is one of the most decentralized limit order exchanges in existence.


4. All Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs)

Algodex automatically allows trading for any ASAs, including newly issued ones.


5. NFT marketplace

Purchase and trade Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) directly within Algodex (this feature coming soon).


6. Financial Support from Algorand Foundation

Algodex receives Algorand Foundation Grant to build DEX for the Algorand Network, according to Algodex' s announcement in August, 2021.




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