Chainfir Capital Announces Investment in LEVERADE

Published:Jan 28, 2022


We are delighted to announce our latest investment in LEVERADE, an integrated sports technology company that provides sports federations, associations and governing bodies with innovative solutions to the overall management to save their costs, improve productivity, create new sources of income, and improve participation of internal and external stakeholders.





It is an innovative concept to build integrated blockchain sports applications to solve problems for every type of tournament organizers who lack funds, from professional leagues to grassroots. For athletes with commercialized personal information to prolong their career, and satisfy fans and investors with a new income platform.


Advantages of LEVERADE


· Technology


Having been in the sports field for many years, LEVERADE, with strong technology R&D capability and complete functions, has used cutting edge technologies in more than 7 different products.


·  Registered users


As of press time, LEVERADE has a large accumulated number of registered users including more than 11 million players and 5 million teams, and has cooperated with many national-class organizations such as French Football Federation, Spanish Tennis Federation and Singapore Swimming Association.


· Bright future


LEVERADE focuses on long-existing problems in the sports field and tries to solve sports data collection, integrity and distribution problems through building integrated blockchain sports applications that store data on the blockchain.


LEVERADE’s vision is to be the bridge between sports and blockchain, helping Sports Federations and Associations to get into the crypto world and generate new revenue streams through tokenization, NFT sales and 3rd party integrations. LEVERADE will launch the First Launchpad for Sports Federations that will be accessible through $LEGEND token, the key to this whole new ecosystem.




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